Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. Teeth whitening is a form of dentistry and should only be carried out by a dentist or another regulated dental professional, such as a dental hygienist or dental therapist, on the prescription of a dentist.


At High Locks we advocate the use of a home bleaching system.

  • The dentist will take an impression of your teeth to make a whitening tray (clear, flexible and soft mouthguard) and tell you how to use it with a bleaching gel.
  • Then, using you’re whitening tray in the convenience of your own home, you regularly apply the gel for a specified period of time over 2 to 4 weeks.
  • An initial shade of your teeth will be taken before you commence any treatment.
  • This shade will then be compared with a shade taken on your review appointment midway through you’re whitening treatment


Teeth whitening doesn’t work on dentures, crowns, fillings or veneers. No matter what treatment you use, there’s a chance your teeth may be sensitive to the chemicals used in teeth whitening, particularly if you already have sensitive teeth. This sensitivity can be reduced by brushing with a sensitive toothpaste and reducing the exposure time to the whitening gels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about home kits and beauty salons for teeth whitening?

Only go to a registered dental professional for teeth whitening because whitening by people who aren't qualified, for example in beauty salons, is illegal. Home kits also carry risks. Some home kits don't contain enough whitening product to be effective. Also, if a dental professional isn't doing the whitening, the mouthguard provided may not fit properly so some of the bleaching gel may leak out onto your gums and into your mouth, causing blistering and sensitivity. Teeth whitening carried out in beauty salons by untrained staff or staff without dental qualifications puts your oral health at risk and is also illegal.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth whitening is not permanent. It can last from a few months to up to 3 years, however varies from person to person.

The whitening effect will not last as long if you smoke or drink red wine, tea or coffee, which can all stain your teeth.

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